About Us

About Us

Mission Statement


SHARE is a mobile application that intends to change the way drivers, pilots, truckers and people in need of services SHARE their everyday lives. SHARE will revolutionize and simplify the transportation and shipping industry. We are truly a community based market place. Our goal at SHARE is not to employ but rather to connect. Our SHARE drivers, trucker, pilots will be able to market and work for themselves. SHARE users will have the opportunity to make income and create or expand their business within the app. SHARE is unique because, unlike other companies, SHARE does not focus on one type of transportation or service.

Air, land or sea, the possibilities are limitless! SHARE will provide users access to means of transportation and services previously untapped.

The idea of SHARE was implemented with the premise that many people SHARE a common path or destination. This opens up opportunities for people to SHARE rides, plane, boat, or trucks; be it locally, cross country or international.