Delivery Share

Delivery Share

Delivery SHARE is another feature which allows everyday drivers to generate extra income by picking up and delivering personal goods, products or even commercial services within their communities.

Delivery Share is a pickup and delivery service unlike any other; SHARE includes but is not limited to: packages, legal documents, groceries, restaurant pick-up, car transport or even a commercial bulk/freight pick-up. All pick-ups AND deliveries are tracked for your peace of mind for safe and convenient shipping needs.

Day or night, rain or shine a Delivery SHARE driver can bring you what you need!

Drivers ‐ How it works

  1. Register your vehicle on SHARE ‐ Vehicle Make & Model. License plate number
  2. Set your destinations ‐ Current location / Destination City / Any intermediate destinations *Pit stop, refueling, maintenance, cargo drop etc...*
  3. Set Date and time
  4. Set the availability of total cargo space
  5. Set price per product, cargo, or goods
  6. Enter reason or purpose for the route and small description of services offered **include, individual name organization name or company name providing service**
  7. Get notifications from shipping needs looking to use Delivery services and SHARE your next delivery adventure!

Shipping Needs ‐ How it works

  1. Set you pick up city and your drop off destination
  2. Set your date / time
  3. Get a full list of deliveries that meet your requirements
  4. Connect with the Share Delivery Driver offering the pick up to discuss the experience