Flight Share

Flight Share

We here at share believe that anything is possible. Flight share is the representation of this belief. Unlike other companies, Share is not limited to the roads. Have a friend with a helicopter, hot air balloon or plane? Well now you do.

Flight SHARE intends to take Ride sharing to new heights.There is many sources of travel/transportation that are not being looked into. Flight Share intends tap into those opportunities to connect share users to professional pilots as well as various vehicles of flight.

Whether you are interested in leisure or business, sightseeing or transport, flight share is the connection to that possibility.

Let us help you find your traveling buddy.

Pilots ‐ How it works

  1. Register your plane on SHARE ‐ Tail Number, Plane Make,Plane Model
  2. Set your destinations ‐ Take off airport / Destination Airport / Any intermediate destinations *Pit stop, refueling, maintenance, cargo drop etc..
  3. Set Date and time
  4. Set the number of seats available or cargo space
  5. Set price per person or per cargo
  6. Enter reason or purpose for travel and small description of flight include organization name or company name providing service.
  7. Get notifications from passengers looking to tag along and SHARE your next flight adventure!

Passengers ‐ How it works

  1. Set you take off city and your destination
  2. Set your date
  3. Get a full list of flights that meet your requirements
  4. Connect with the pilot/organization offering the flight to discuss the experience