Ride Share

Ride Share

Car SHARE is a unique way for people to get around town, states, or the country without all the unnecessary Fees.

SHARE gives the users the ability to SHARE and market their rides. Users are free to create own prices or barter between each other. This allows drivers to make money and riders to pay less for the rides.

SHARE only charge a small fee instead of a percentage of the ride.

We at "SHARE" are here to create a better functioning market place and bring the world together.

Drivers ‐ How it works

  1. Register your Vehicle on SHARE ‐ Vehicle Make, Vehicle Model, Vehicle Registration Number and Vehicle Color
  2. Respond to immediate ride request
  3. You can also ‐ Set final destination or Date and time you're willing to provide service
  4. Set the number of seats available or cargo space
  5. Set price per person or per cargo
  6. Enter reason or purpose for travel and small description
  7. Get notifications from passengers looking to tag along and SHARE your next ride!

Passengers ‐ How it works

  1. Set you take off city and your destination
  2. Set your date or immediate pick up
  3. Get a full list of drivers that meet your requirements
  4. Connect with the drivers offering the ride to destination