Truck Share

Truck Share

Already driving from CA to FL but still have some cargo space in your truck? SHARE help you market your route and load up on some extra cash!

If you own a trucking business or simply are an independent driver, SHARE will allow you to SHARE and market your business.

Find customers looking to move cargo across town or across country.

You can describe your cargo parameters and route to market directly to SHARE users.

The registration process does require certain information to be present, so please have your make, model, registration number, and company name (optional) available.

Driver ‐ How it works

  1. Register your Truck on SHARE ‐ License plate, Truck Make, Truck Model (optional to add up to 3 total vehicles)
  2. Set your destinations ‐ Departure City / Destination City / Any intermediate destinations *Pit stop, refueling, maintenance, cargo drop etc...*
  3. Set Date and time
  4. Set the number of seats available or cargo space
  5. Set price per person or per cargo
  6. Enter reason or purpose for travel and small description of travel **include organization name or company name providing service**
  7. Get notifications from passengers looking to tag along and SHARE your next adventure!